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Soil Nailing of Foundations

An earth-retention technique where we went down 20 feet below the existing building’s exterior wall, made a vertical cut, sprayed concrete (shotcrete) with 20-foot-long threaded rods into the ground with anchors and filled that with concrete to stabilize, thus enabling us to build a basement next to a fully operational facility. See Christian Health Care Center.

Lake/Pond Construction

Large excavation adjacent to existing lake/pond; adding a clay liner and new intake equipment for pump house; and adding it to the existing lake/pond; plus an entirely new pump house for the irrigation system at the country club.

Solar Panels

Our own building in Ridgewood is equipped with solar panels — almost 5,000 square feet.

Green Roof

A roof of a fitness club building that is covered with vegetation and a growing medium (topsoil), planted over a waterproofing membrane. See Equinox.   

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Tapping into the free energy provided by the below ground temperature consistency. See Bolger Community Center.

Pool Construction

We have constructed several new exterior and interior pools, both Olympic size and very small, and completed renovations of the pool ceiling at the Ridgewood YMCA using a temporary platform of steel bar joints that we designed. See Leonard Kohl.

Building Shoring

Removal of all interior load bearing masonry walls of a two-story building and replace them with a new structural steel frame, complete with new footings while working around temporary steel shoring.

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