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Paramus, NJ

A new two-story building that is approximately 40,000 square feet from the ground up. With an aggressive schedule of 4-5 months. This fitness center has a $100,000 skylight, plus a Green Roof in order to get more parking – which allowed them to build a bigger structure. The building also features unique exterior wall panels from Europe. We built Equinox during Hurricane Sandy, when we lost all power and had flooding, yet we were still able to maintain the tight schedule.

About the Green Roof: In any town you must have a certain amount of parking per square foot, whether it is retail or office. In Paramus, the land is so valuable and the rental rates are so high that the owner spec’d a Green Roof on the building – 10,000 square feet of Green planting area. With a Green Roof he could actually take 10,000 square feet out from the acreage on the ground and build parking lots, which allowed him to build so many more square feet of building. The Green Roof required the building to have extremely large and heavy steel to support the weight of six inches of topsoil on the roof, saturated with rain or covered with snow. Ultimately the Green Roof pays for itself in a very short time, as the retail rents make up for it. This is the first Green Roof in Paramus, and perhaps the first in northern NJ.

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