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Cornerstone Christian Church
Wyckoff, NJ

A brand new multipurpose facility approximately 40,000 square feet. It serves as a sanctuary on Sunday and a multipurpose room/basketball court that accommodates their youth programs during the week. What made this 12-month project challenging is once we dug the full basement we hit groundwater! According to the soils report there was no water table problem.

We had to put in an entire low-point system for dewatering, to dry the hole that was literally pure sand, swollen with water. We put low points around the entire perimeter to suck the water down low enough to remove all the expanded sand and replace it with stone. We raised the building 3-4 feet and put approximately 10 feet of stone below the entire basement. After that we put crack monitors on the building and have never had a problem. Nothing has cracked and nothing has shifted since the building was completed.

Another challenge was that where the church sits now was actually the commuter parking for New Jersey Transit. We had to first build the new parking lot immediately adjacent to the church and keep the commuters safe throughout construction. What’s more, there was a full-time preschool that had to remain in operation, as well as the church — this was a very busy site. Incidentally, the preschool moved into the basement of the new building after it was completed.

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