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Church of St. Elizabeth, Wyckoff, NJ


A brand new church with elaborate brickwork in and out, and a huge 50-foot-high wood truss. The ceiling took two cranes to set the trusses simultaneously. The huge sanctuary is adorned with stained glass windows.

The Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ

A new addition at a cemetery that was a challenging job through the winter.

St. Andrew’s Church, Westwood, NJ, Repeat Customer

Our grandfather built the school wing. Our second generation built the church structure, and then we went back as the third generation and renovated the school building after a fire. The damage was so bad that the archdiocese actually wanted to tear the school down and build a much smaller structure. We worked with the church as a construction manager to convince the archdiocese to save it. We pulled off the upper floors above the gymnasium and were able to salvage the brick façade and limestone. The church had never been renovated and still had the old steam pipes, asbestos and lead paint, so the fire was actually a blessing. We removed the asbestos and lead paint and gave them a state-of-the-art new youth center that looks spectacular, with new glass windows and a new 40-year roof so it’s good for the next generation. We redid the brickwork, repointed it and sealed it, and added shingles with a lifetime guarantee. This church is built to last and is now safe. The project was completed during one of the driest summers on record, so even though the old brick walls that were roughly two feet thick were filled with water from the fire and previous rain, the intense summer heat dried out the structure, eliminating the potential for mold during sheetrocking.

St. Anthony Friary, Butler, NJ, Repeat Customer

Visbeen Construction has done a number of renovations and projects for this 100-year-old building. Our second generation finished off the interior in 1961. We went back as the third generation and renovated the third, fourth and fifth floors. During our renovation we were excited to find documents in the wall from our father on the first renovation.

Millington Baptist Church, Millington, NJ


A new state-of-the-art family and youth center for a growing congregation.

Cedar Hill Church, Wyckoff, NJ, Repeat Customer


Three Visbeen generations have worked on this church. Our grandfather, the first generation, built the original Cedar Hill Church in 1949. Our dad and uncle built the new sanctuary in 1966. We went back as the third generation in 1993 to renovate the sanctuary and build the addition and renovation on the connecting link.What made our 1993 renovation special was that we took the sanctuary and actually turned it 90 degrees — taking out three wood trusses and putting in an enormous 52-inch steel beam, which allowed us to spin the sanctuary. We moved the pipe organ as well, with the help of the Peragallo Pipe Organ Company of Paterson, NJ, who oversaw the refurbishment and care of the famous Kilgen Organs at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City in the 1990s and just recently again for the pope’s visit in 2015.

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