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Visbeen Construction Company constructs and renovates ecclesiastical, commercial, medical and industrial projects; and provides General Construction, Construction Management and Pre-Construction Consulting services for our customers in northern New Jersey.

HUMC at Pascack Valley
Interior view of the Leonard Kohl Fitness Pavilion, Monsey, NY.
Millington Baptist Church

Why choose Visbeen Construction?


In today’s competitive market, you need a construction firm that can provide you with unparalleled quality and consistently fair pricing. Visbeen Construction does that for every project. It is our goal to be recognized as the best in the business in the markets we serve.


You also need a construction firm with a proven reputation for integrity. Visbeen Construction has been around for three generations (going on four!), and the majority of our business has come from repeat customers or word of mouth. That says a lot. (Read about the company's history here).


Finally, you need a construction firm that stands behind their work…even years later. Visbeen Construction builds to last. We have never walked away from a job or left a job unfinished. What’s more, we look at every job from an ongoing maintenance standpoint — we will always offer a better solution to achieve the same look without ongoing maintenance cost, or one that minimizes the cost.


What’s our secret? Christian principles are the foundation of our business and our success. This is our belief and our faith, and it comes through in everything we do — whether profitable or not.



We exist to:

  • Honor our Creator with the use of our talents

  • Honor our clients by becoming an integral and trusted part of their team

  • Honor our employees by providing a safe working environment and fair compensation



Using this foundation, we build on:

  • QUALITY - uncompromising quality of workmanship at every level

  • SERVICE - the highest level of attention to our clients' needs

  • ECONOMY - pricing which is fair and equitable to all

  • SAFETY - a safe and professional environment in which to work

  • ADVANCEMENT - personal development for our employees and ourselves

  • IMPROVEMENT - constant attention to the growth and improvement of the company


That’s the Visbeen story. How may we help you?

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